Animal use in ecological research and education


Dear ecologists,


I am writing to ask for your help with an important survey that we are conducting at the University of Basel in Switzerland. Our aim is to assess the current situation in studies on animal use in ecological research and education, and propose suggestions for improvement. To this end, we would greatly appreciate if you would answer a few questions to share your experience and perspective.


If you are an (aspiring) ecologist studying or working with animals, could you please participate in the anonymous questionnaire?

The questionnaire should take only 5-10 minutes to complete, and it is hosted on the Survey Monkey platform under this link:


Your participation is crucial for the success of this project, and we very much appreciate your help.


Many thanks!


Contact info: Dr. Miriam Zemanova (miriam [dot] zemanovaatunibas [dot] ch), Department of Philosophy, University of Basel, Switzerland.

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