About Czech Society for Ecology

Origin, mission and goals

The Czech Society for Ecology is an independent civic association that brings together scientific, scientific-pedagogical and professional workers, students and other persons dealing with ecology.

Czech Society for Ecology deals with ecology in the sense of the original definition of the field as the study of interactions between living organisms and the environment, from the level of the individuals through populations, communities to ecosystems and the landscape.

The Czech Society for Ecology was officially founded at the founding conference in Třeboň on April 25, 2008. The aim of CSFE is to participate in the comprehensive, complex and systematic development of ecological disciplines, to participate in the promotion and implementation of research results, in nature protection and landscapes and expert activities in ecological fields in the region of Central Europe. The main activities of CSFE include the organization of scientific conferences, lectures, discussions, seminars, courses and other events, the development of ecology at the level of basic research, popular science, practical applications, popularization of ecological disciplines. support for lifelong learning and raising the professional level of its members, support for publishing activities in the field of ecology and representation of Czech ecological research at international forums.